Boarding Agreement Form

Lessor: Name: Dawn Bonin Horsemanship LLC
Contact Name:Dawn Bonin
577 Babcock Hill Rd
Coventry, CT 06238
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This agreement is made between Dawn Bonin Horsemanship LLC herein referred to as the property owner and the below herein referred to as the boarder named below:*
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Rates include hay in winter and when pasture is poor. In consideration of fees per horse, per month paid by the horse owner in advance on the first day of each month. Accounts not settled after 5 days of due date will be charged a penalty of $5/day until paid. Payments not made within 30 days of due date, will incur an additional late charge of 20% per that month. Payments not made in 60 days, will incur sale of said equine to pay board fees incurred, unless payment arrangements are made.
The property owner has the right of lien as set forth in the law of Connecticut for the amount due for board and additional agreed upon services and shall have the right, without process of law, to retain said horse until the indebtedness is satisfactorily paid in full. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Connecticut. Any legal action must be brought in the county of Tolland, provided however, the parties agree to required Mediation and Arbitration of any disputes relating to this transaction.
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Unless specific arrangements are made with the property owner, the shoeing, grooming, exercising and training of the Horse shall be the sole responsibility of the Boarder. See additional services offered if you would like to include any of these, with your board. The care provided by the property owner, who agrees to provide normal and reasonable care to maintain the health and well being of said horse, shall include: Hay: unlimited grass mix Grain: Custom organic whole food diet (up to 6lbs daily). Additional grain or other feed requirement, will be fed, as needed to keep good body condition, and any extra cost will be added to monthly invoice.
Please check all that apply. Owner will decide turnouts and turnout times.
Supplements and vitamins, if required, are to be supplied by the horse owner. Horses will be turned out in selected groups. If individual turn-out is required, there will be an additional charge. Turn-out times and paddocks used will be decided by the property owner. The property owner agrees to implement a program of deworming consistent with recognized standards. The owner of said horse is obligated to pay the expenses of such services which is over and above the boarding fee. If the horse owner has special shoeing requirements and their own farrier (or other professional service), then the property owner must be advised at least 1 day in advance of a visit from same. Dawn Bonin Horsemanship LLC has the permission of the boarder listed below to request a veterinary visit, or request the services of a farrier if the need arises urgently. This will be done at the boarder's expense. In an emergency, the property owner will make every effort to reach the horse owner. Any decisions made by the property owner in the absence of the horse owner will be made in the best interests of the horse. All veterinary costs are additional to the boarding fee as outlined below. Any veterinary charges are the responsibility of the boarder, who will be billed directly by the veterinary clinic for any charges.
A written notice period of 30 days from the first day of the month, submitted to the property owner, will be required to terminate the boarding agreement. Any shorter notice will cause the forfeit of the one month in advance. The property owner reserves the right to terminate the boarding agreement with one month's notice. The boarder will be financially responsible for any and all damages caused by themselves, their guests and/or their horses to the stable or to the property. The property owner will take all reasonable care to ensure the horse remains free of injury while on the property owner's premises (and surrounding premises). However, the property owner is not liable for injuries to the horse or horse owner while said horse and owner are on the premises (or surrounding premises -trail rides) of the property owner. The boarder must take all reasonable care when on the premises of the property owner, including the wearing of closed shoes with small heel and an approved safety helmet when riding said horse. All guests of boarder must fill out waiver. INSURANCE - Owner shall bear all risk of loss from death of or any harm to said horse unless such loss is caused by gross negligence of property owner, his agents, contractors, volunteers or employees, in which case property owner shall bear such loss. If the Owner has an insurance policy, property owner must be provided with a copy.
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The boarder will have the use of a designated saddle rack/bridle hooks to store all of their equipment. The property owner, management and staff, will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles. The boarder must tidy the property owner's equipment and premises after use. The property is open between the hours of 8am and 8pm, 6 days a week. Closed Mondays, except to boarders. No guests, blacksmith, vet, or other appointments can be scheduled on Monday (unless emergency). The boarder must seek permission of the property owner to be on the premises outside of those hours.
Boarder's veterinarian name(Required)
Boarder's farrier name and number
This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties. Any modifications or additions must be in writing and signed by all parties to this Agreement. No oral modifications will be considered part of this agreement unless reduced to writing and signed by all parties.