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Please check Rescue the Horse for information on the horses and how you may contribute to help them.


What is Versatility? Taking your horse through a series of obstacles and challenges. It may be done mounted or in hand. Fun for horse and rider!
(Photos from previous competitions)

Things were jumping at
Babcock Hill Saturday, June 10


Photos of the June 2017 Versatility Competition

Clinics, Competitions and Special Events

Check our calendar page for complete
information and entry forms!

2017 Events and Competitions

Sunday 5/7  Tack Sale to benefit Arabian rescues 10am-2pm

Saturday 5/13  Versatility Clinic 12-3pm

Summer Horse Camp
Available weeks:
June 27th-June 30th  
July 11th-14th
July 25th-28th
August 8th-11th

Saturday 6/3 Versatility Clinic 9-12pm

Saturday 6/10 Versatility Competition starts 9am



Sunday 10/1 Versatility Clinic 12-3pm

Saturday 10/7 Versatility Competition starts at 10am

Sunday 10/22 Tara Farm Hunter Pace

Sunday 10/29 Halloween Ride starts at 10am
Sunday 11/5 Versatility Clinic 12-3pm

11/9-11/12 Equine Affaire

Saturday 11/18 Versatility Competition starts at 10am 


Group Lessons at Babcock Hill

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm: Patterns with Kristine  
Learn to ride various patterns to music and improve your riding skills while having fun and making new friends. 

Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm: Breath-work and Visualization with Kari
Learn to improve your connection and riding with breathing techniques and the art of visualization.  Excellent for riders with fear issues and/or to master something you feel stuck with. Can do in hand and/or mounted. 

Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm: Beginning Dressage with Debbie 
Learn dressage basics and have fun with like minded people.

Saturdays 11am-12pm: Working with the Young Horse with Dawn
Open to people that have young horses (6yo and younger).  We will work on having fun and encouraging learning in an age appropriate way, while instilling manners and experiences that will improve your bond for life.  Can do in hand and/or mounted.      

Cost: $30* or $100* for the month (4 classes) 
*Please add $10 to each class if you do not have a horse and would like to ride one of our safe lessons horses 

Description: These are group lessons (3 or more riders).  You need to be tacked and ready to ride at group lesson start time.  All lessons open to both english and western riders. All levels are welcome, but we ask that you be able to get your horse ready alone and possess basic skills at walk and trot (can ride off lead line), to register in a group lesson. Please ask your instructor if you are unsure or would like to work on these skills.  Truck ins are welcome.  



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"Dawn Bonin has helped me so much with my Standardbred, Ironworkers DJ, in a remarkably few number of lessons...The one rein stop works, and Dawn is patient enough to keep pointing this out in a calm and helpful way. I've owned horses for 24 years, and it's humbling to realize that after all that time, I can still manage to ride ineffectively. Luckily, Dawn has come along, so at long last I can turn the trend around. I've told my husband she's probably saved my life. Without her help, it's very possible DJ and I would be bolting across the countryside, headed for a wreck."...continued
Mary Crombie Geer Glastonbury (Age 62)

Now offering boarding with 25 stalls, 30+ acres, 2 outdoor rings, an indoor ring, and miles of trails. Come join us where fun and horses goes together.

577 Babcock Hill Road, Coventry, CT 06238

email: naturalhorse80@yahoo.com
cell: 860-985-7611
barn: 860-742-2667

Natural Horsemanship is a method of relating to and communicating with horses. Communicating using pressure and the release of pressure. Learning how to understand the horse's body language. Working, training and riding in a way that complements the horse's personality and instincts.
As a horse trainer and instructor I teach horses and people in a way they can understand and help them communicate better with each other.

Please contact me for more information about training your horse and you!

Meet the Instructors!

Lessons/Training Sessions with Dawn Bonin


Single Session

Once Weekly (4)

Twice Weekly (8)

Full Training (16)

Private Horse


$235 (10% off)

$400 (20% off)

$720 (30% off)

Lesson Horse


$275 (10% off)

$480 (20% off)


For lessons/training with our excellent Babcock Hill Horses Naturally Instructors
All training packages with Babcock Hill trainers are overseen and assisted by Dawn Bonin. Weekly meetings with Dawn Bonin, horse's owner, horse and trainer(s) will be organized. Goals, training guide lines, plans, and progress will be discussed and outlined, for partial and full training packages.
Private Lessons/Training Sessions


Single Session

Once Weekly (4)

Twice Weekly (8)

Full Training (16)

Private Horse


$180 (10% off)

$320 (20% off)

$560 (30% off)

Lesson Horse


$220 (10% off)

$400 (20% off)


Semi Private Sessions (2 people - prices are per person)


Single Session

Once Weekly (4)

Private Horse


$160 (10% off)

Lesson Horse


$200 (10% off)

Group Sessions (3-5 people - prices are per person)


Single Session

Once Weekly (4)

Private Horse


$100 (10% off)

Lesson Horse


$140 (10% off)

If you are leasing one of our lesson horses, private horse rates apply.  If you are interested in leasing, see here for available horses: http://www.dawnbonin.com/salelease.html

You are welcome to truck in your horse for sessions.  However for full training, horse must be boarded at Babcock Hill and training prices are in addition to board. 

Off property clinics: $600/day (if over 30 miles, travel fee will apply) 

"Dawn has a great gift of seeing through the eyes of a horse. She understands their behavior and how to work with them on their terms instead of using dominance, intimidation or force." Leslie Wolf ESMT

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